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Social Media

Working with brands on a daily basis we can produce content across a range of social media platforms in various different formats.

Daily we typically produce 4-6 pieces of social media content. This depends on complexity, including the number of brands involved and whether there are video elements.

Both of our plans include all formats of social media. This includes, static posts, carousels, GIFs and video.

Video & Animation

From a simple GIF or Logo Animation, through to explainer videos, motion graphics and corporate videos.

Yes, we can create explainer videos either using your own assets, or we can create bespoke assets to be used throughout.

Yes, if required we can source raw stock footage to be utilised throughout your video content. This is all included in our packages at no extra cost.

Yes, this is becoming a more common request for introductions to videos, use across social media and for opening webinars.

Logo & Branding

From initial logo concepts through to a full brand guidelines, the White Label team are all experienced in elevating brands.

In 24 hours we will typically provide 4 initial concepts, 4 typeface options and 4 colour options.

Yes, our team work daily on branding projects. Whether it be a new business establishing it's identity or tackling a rebrand for a client, our talented Creative team will produce amazing results.

Yes, depending on the detail you require we can either create a simple stylescape showcasing your branding in a minimal fashion or create an in-depth multi-page document to be used in years to come.

Print Design

We cover a wide range of creative work for a variety of print mediums including large format print, marketing material and business stationery.

Yes, we work with multiple print companies and businesses helping to produce all of their layout work, all supplied in print ready format.

Yes, all of our team have a wide range of experience in setting up files print ready.

Typically we work to complete 4-6 pages per day. This is largely based upon complexity, whether we are creating a new layout or utilising a previous version.

Web & Digital

From landing pages through to large informative infographics, we produce effective designs optimised for the target end-user. Our team consistently consider UI & UX when creating flat web-page layouts, that we can create in either Photoshop or Adobe XD, as per your Developers preference.

Yes, we work with multiple Web Agencies across the UK, offering flat web designs daily supplied in Adobe XD or Photoshop, whichever is easier for your Developer to use.

Yes, when designing web pages we always ensure they are all designed are responsively for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Yes, each of our team fully understands the importance and usability of UI & UX leading to not only visually pleasing designs, but ones that are effective and useful to the end-client.

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